An image of local council refuse worker.

Supporting the development of our workforce

We want diverse employees to support the community we serve. This is important to us for our continued growth, productivity and ability to retain valuable people.

We offer different opportunities for employees to develop once they have secured a role with us, through secondments, matrix working across teams, as well as development within existing roles. The majority of our jobs are advertised to internal candidates prior to being advertised on external platforms, giving our employees the opportunity to be considered for promotion first. This supports the organisation’s aspiration to work more flexibly, adapting and responding effectively to the demands of the working environment.

The Council's Our People Strategy is based on extensive employee engagement and sets out our vision for the employee life cycle. The primary aim of the strategy is to ensure that employees are purposeful, productive and effective in their job, happy and healthy in their roles, so that together we can achieve the objectives set out in the Council Plan and make Wolverhampton a better place to live, to work in and to visit.

As an employee of the Council you will have access to a range of career and personal development opportunities, these are readily accessible via the Our People Portal system and include:

  • A contemporary online Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS provides you with the ability to access e-learning opportunities as well as extensive facilitated training and development resources to support you in your role and career aspirations
  • Opportunities to access Coaching & Mentoring programmes for both career and personal development
  • Personal well-being support
  • Bespoke qualification opportunities within your occupational role alongside the ability to access supervisory and management training and qualifications
  • The ability to undertake professional qualifications for role which can also include opportunities supported via the Apprenticeship Levy
  • Access to a diverse range of upskilling opportunities and workshops including digital skills, financial and recruitment training