Message from the Leader

The Leader of the Council leads and manages the Council’s Cabinet. The Cabinet is the political leadership and has a key role in delivering services, proposing the budget and policy framework to the Council and in promoting and complying with the Council’s aims and strategic priorities.

Councillor Ian Brookfield, Leader City of Wolverhampton Council

The Leader’s principal responsibilities include:

  • Council Plan
  • Relight our City
  • City Partnerships
  • West Midlands Combined Authority
  • International, National, Regional and Sub-Regional Leadership
  • External Relations, Public Relations and Reputation Management
  • New Communities and Migration
  • Our Money including medium term financial planning
    a. capital strategy (incl. schools)
    b. budget development process
    c. treasury management strategy
  • Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits
  • Procurement and Commercialisation
  • Audit and Corporate Risk